Lisha Kill!

Today I went to something called the Lisha
Kill Nature Preserve in the morning. I had
no idea where we were going or what we'd
be killing but I was intrigued. Bristol
was really excited and assured me that
we'd have a great time. So this morning
after breakfast we jumped in the car
and off we went. I cried the whole
way - not from grief or terror, but
from sheer joy! We hiked and even
waded into the stream. I was a
very good boy at the preserve.
I rode the whole way home sitting
right next to Bristol, we kept
the tips of our noses out the
window. We came home and had a
foot and sponge bath and a thorough
tick check. We had treats and now
I am going to curl up for a nap.
So what did you do for fun today?
Score a win on a scratch-off?
Didn't think so.  Be jealous.