Dog Heaven

I was having one of those theological discussions with Big Bitch the other day.  We got past the one about doG spelled backwards is God and she was arguing about what name one actually used for God and what language one spoke and how it wouldn’t necessarily always be that way, with dogs having such a “lofty” place and then our discussion moved to doG heaven.  (Capitalizing the G was my idea, to give it more emphasis…)  ANyway, Big Bitch said it was certainly possible, she supposed, for there to be a doG heaven.  So she asked me what I thought it was like and I said, for sure, it’s got to smell like Kinns Road Park.  She thought that was probably true, since Sam really liked Kinns Road Park too.

This picture is from June, when Duncan came to stay with me and Big Bitch put us on the double leash and took us to Kinns Road Park almost every day.  Now that WAS heaven!  I am always happy to have another dog to share the double leash, and the priviledge of trying to pull Big Bitch up that monster hill.